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Essebiti come from an idea of joining different business experiences based on design and wellness field in order to create a products line which is characterized by an aesthetic beauty and a materials high quality. A great importance in company organization is the planning phase, which is a real strength point of Essebiti along with an architects and design experts team which is able to create items made for psychophysical wellness planned in any single customized details; they can satisfy all Customerís desires either according to aesthetic and practicalness and confidence.

Itemsí carrying out is cared in any single phase by the internal company employees and the production made of industrial rules it has kept the same attention and care which grant our items an handmade taste according to past ages. It is important to point out that all our items are attentively tested and checked from first production phases until the last phases ones in order that they can offer an absolute quality and perfection. A commercial organization based on a national range it can take care of customers in a national area and in different foreign countries always along with the essential aid of a capillary assistance net.